Our Lion

Cooper Roper Legal was established by Evan Cooper and Mollie Roper.

The lion is indicative of the common focus of the firm, combined with the individual traits, skills and attributes each member of the team brings to the firm.
There are a number of Cooper family crests, some from different countries, but many have an overlap. The lion and crown are prominent in the majority of the Cooper crests.
It is from this combination that the lion and crown were identified as perfect representatives of the firm.
Further to the references to genealogy, the lion is the noblest of all wild beasts and is bestowed with the attributes of strength, valour and tenacity. The lion however, whilst a predator, does not attack without necessity and is capable of great tact and patience to achieve it’s desired ends. The crown is representative of authority and power. Cooper Roper Legal apply these same skills and attributes in order to achieve the best results for our clients. We will attempt to resolve all matters as quickly, amicably and cost effectively as possible. If a matter however needs to be determined in the adversarial court process you will need your representative to have strength, valour, tenacity, authority and power.
We are the lion in your corner.